St. Matthew’s Orchestra is a new and exciting per-service orchestra, based in Leeds.

A main aim of the orchestra is to give recent music graduates and students the opportunity to undertake professional, paid engagements and not force them to gain experience pro-bono. We are hoping to attract more experienced musicians and highly skilled amateurs, who enjoy regular music challenges. The plan is to engage professionals as section leaders, and offer amateurs the chance to play in various sections of the orchestra. 

We also aim to establish a cohesive group of players, who are familiar with each others’ playing styles.  This will avoid the stress of being an ad hoc orchestras and will enable us to offer the people of Leeds and surrounding areas an opportunity to hear classical music played to an exceptionally high standard. The orchestra supports the work of St Matthew’s Choir, Chapel Allerton, which hosts regular Come & Sing weekends, and the work of the Pontefract Choral Society.   The orchestra is also available to hire.

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